I remember like it was yesterday. Spring of 2018, I come into my job with all intentions on quitting and instead got fired ( in my favor). I was burnt out with working long hours, mixed schedules and receiving less than what I deserved for my services. See, I grew up in a rough neighborhood in Waterbury, CT, where you found one way or the other to make money, especially when you have kids to feed. It was a relief to lose my job, but knew I had to get the ball rolling before things caught up to me. Didn't work out as I expected and actually it worsened. I wanted to turn my dreams into realities, but also had to take care of my family too.. Then I remember sitting at home after 2 months and only making $20 between June and August, that hurt me deeply.  I was continuously borrowing money or asking for food, couldn't afford an apartment so I slept on the floor on a mattress with my fiance and a newborn in her play pen..I cried by myself, I prayed and I got depressed. Then I found myself listening to Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z , their words inspired me to drive on and that is what I did. So you ask- Where did the name come from? It came from my rock bottom hit, my struggle and the rise from out the mud. The Ole' Sayin' goes " From Out The Concrete Grew A Rose". I say, "From Out The Concrete Grew A HUSTLER." My mission is to give back to the type of communities that i came from.When you're wearing our clothes, you're representing the everyday struggle that many people like you and I go through daily. So, continue to HUSTLE and believe in your dreams. The Bottom Is Only The Beginning.