"The Bottom is only the Beginning."

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" You only lose once you stop fighting."

I remember like it was yesterday. Spring of 2018, I come into my job with all intentions on quitting and instead got fired ( in my favor). I was burnt out with working long hours, mixed schedules and receiving less than what I deserved for my services. See, I grew up in a rough neighborhood in Waterbury, CT, where you found one way or the other to make money, especially when you have kids to feed. It was a relief to lose my job, but knew I had to get the ball rolling before things caught up to me. Didn't work out as I expected and actually it worsened. I wanted to turn my dreams into realities, but also had to take care of my family too.. Then I remember sitting at home after 2 months and only making $20 between June and August, that hurt me deeply.  I was continuously borrowing money or asking for food, couldn't afford an apartment so I slept on the floor on a mattress with my fiance and a newborn in her play pen..I cried by myself, I prayed and I got depressed. Then I found myself listening to Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z , their words inspired me to drive on and that is what I did. So you ask- Where did the name come from? It came from my rock bottom hit, my struggle and the rise from out the mud. The Ole' Sayin' goes " From Out The Concrete Grew A Rose". I say, "From Out The Concrete Grew A HUSTLER." My mission is to give back to the type of communities that i came from.When you're wearing our clothes, you're representing the everyday struggle that many people like you and I go through daily. So, continue to HUSTLE and believe in your dreams. The Bottom Is Only The Beginning.

Our mission

A Concrete Hustler is an Individual, who under pressure never folds. They may witness and even feel what it is to " lose" but never bends the knee to a loss. He or she turns a Loss into a lesson and keep fighting forward. A Concrete Hustler ALWAYS finds a way to make his or her ends meet. We believe in the firmness of self motivation, self determination and Hustle until your last breathe. Being at the bottom is just the beginning and if you can look up then you can get up. We express our drive and determination through apparel and accessories all pointed toward the one goal of being successful. So when you wear our apparel, you are announcing that you are a Hustler and nothing will ever stop you.

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